THE WAY OF THE CROSS, bronze, 2nd half 19th century

High-quality bas-relief plaques with nine stations of the Way of the Cross. The artist composed scenes in oval fields and presented them in a convex relief. Some characters seem almost full-plastic. The performances amaze with the multitude of details and the power of expression.

style = "color: # 888888;">2nd half 19th century


Dim. 28 x 21 cm.

The condition of the individual plaques is good, five are missing.

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27 000 zł tax incl.

Set of Nine Stations of the Cross:

II. The Lord Jesus takes the cross in his arms.

IV. Jesus meets his Mother.

VI. Saint Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

VII. The Lord Jesus falls under the cross a second time.

VIII. The Lord Jesus consoles the weeping women.

IX. The Lord Jesus falls under the cross for the third time.

X. The Lord Jesus is stripped of his garments.

XI. Jesus is nailed to the cross.

XIV. Jesus is placed in the tomb.