CABINET, EMILE GALLE, Nancy, 1885-1895.

Early Art Nouveau cabinet made by Emil Galle (1856 - 1904), 1885 - 1895 in Nancy, France.

The sides of the cupboard and the three top tops are decorated with floral motifs made with the inlay technique of various types of wood. The marquetry is made on panels that were previously divided with various veneers into wide stripes (the method used in the first period of activity).

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30 000 zł tax incl.

This piece of furniture comes from the first, still small, furniture workshop of Emil Galle operating in the years 1885-1895, in which the furniture was signed with a signature burned in a veneer, not inlay.

Burned mark: Emile Galle Nancy, stylized letters: E, G.

Walnut and other wood.

Height; 120 cm, W: 60 cm, D: 40 cm.

Good condition.