FEMALE NUDE, L. Alliot, bronze, art deco, 20-30s. XX century

A sculpture of a naked woman sitting in a relaxed pose. The gesture made by the woman, resting her head on one of the hands, gives the figure a contemplative flavor. In the absence of an outfit or additional attributes, the hairstyle, rendered quite precisely by the artist, gives an individual character.

Lucien Alliot, 20-30s. XX century

Patinated bronze.

Signed: L. Alliot.

Dim. 44.5 x 49 x 28 cm.

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12 000 zł tax incl.

Very good condition.

Lucien Alliot (1877-1967) - French sculptor, son of Napoleon Alliot, who also worked in this field. In the years 1905-1939 he regularly exhibited his works at the Salon of the Association of French Artists, and from 1934 he was the president of this association.