ANIOŁ Z CHRYSTUSEM, XVIII w., drewno lipowe

A sculptural representation of the martyred Christ supported by an angel.

The heavenly figure stands with his wings spread and his robe pulled back. It acts as a support for the staggering male body.

The flushed face emphasizes the effort he puts into bearing the Savior's burden. This burden applies not only to the physical body of Jesus, but also to the symbolic value of sin for all mankind.

More details

26 000 zł tax incl.

A Barok, 18th century

Linden wood, polychrome.

Dimensions: 146cm x 70cm x 55cm (depth)

Preservation condition: traces of old repairs are visible; in addition, from the previous owner, the sculpture regained the previously lost left foot, the little finger of the left hand, the right hand, and also received a new wing mount.