CAPE DIPPER, La Page, Paris, 1st half of the 19th century 19th century

A shotgun in a hood. The suit is decorated with floral patterns and hunting scenes.

Paris, 1st half Nineteenth century, La Page - the inscription on the strip informs that this company is a supplier of weapons for the king and princesses.

Walnut flask. Steel suit, etched, engraved and chiseled. Locks working. The barrels have been shortened a bit.

Caliber 18 mm. Length: 104 cm.

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4 500 zł tax incl.

Punched: on the barrels under the punch St. Etienne, the monogram AG and numerous letters and numbers.

La Page - French arms manufacturer founded in Paris in 1717 by Louis Pigny. Until 1913, the company was continuously in family hands. The extraordinary craftsmanship of the manufactured objects contributed to the winning of Le Page customers from royal circles. Products from the manufactory have been successfully exhibited at numerous large exhibitions.