ROOM TRIMMER, Germany, 1st half 19th century

Sports rifle, the so-called peaceful.

Germany, 1st half Nineteenth century Greger in Dillingen - the company of the Greger family, arms manufacturers, was established in 1831 in Dillingen am Donau and operates there to this day.

Walnut flask. Octagonal barrel. Trigger with adjustable accelerator. The castle is operational.

Signed: G. Greger in Dillingen.

Length: 115.5 cm.

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6 500 zł tax incl.

In the original, it was a large-caliber percussion rifle for outdoor use. It underwent a conversion to a 5mm peace shell with gunpowderless shells. All the throwing power came from the fuse. Such a weapon was used to shoot a target in windless rooms at a distance of up to several meters. The usable barrel is only the last 20 cm. The rifle is loaded from the bottom through a specially made hole.