MILITARY RIFLE, Belgium, PJ Malherbe, 1836-1869

Military rifle with bayonet.

Belgium, Philippe Joseph Malherbe - active from 1836 to 1869, son of the famous De Goffontain, i.e. Pierre Joseph Malherbe, also a weapons manufacturer.

Caliber 18 mm. The length of the rifle itself: 143 cm, length measured with the bayonet: 192 cm.

More details

4 500 zł tax incl.

Multiple markings: shelf 3/114, deleted and updated to 1/99; manufacturer, with a large AR with a crown on the stock and barrel. On individual elements, including bolts, letter markings with a crown: B, D, HW, U, W. On the barrel on the side of the Liege punch. Numerous numerical markings are also present.

The bayonet has separate markings.