SHIELD ROLLER, Germany, 1890-1918.

Target shotgun for indoor shooting at distances from several to several meters. The weapon fired balls, and the throwing force was provided by a single cap-cap. The lock is tensioned by folding the bow downwards. The last 20 cm is the usable part of the barrel. There is a hole on the bottom and the load is put there.

yle = "color: # 888888;">Decorated with medallions with images of shooters.

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3 500 zł tax incl.

South Germany, 1890-1918

Trigger mechanism with accelerator. Walnut flask.

Caliber 4 mm. Length: 116 cm.

The inscription on the barrel: "Georg Epp Hofbüchsenmecher, Holzleuten Isny"

Georg Epp was active in the years 1890-1918 and was probably a court expert in the field of gunsmithing. Holzleuten and Isny are towns in the south of Germany.