+ WAY OF THE CROSS - 5 stations, J. Szpetkowski, Poznań, terracotta, early XX century

Five Stations of the Cross: 1 - Jesus is condemned to death. 7 - The Lord Jesus falls under the cross a second time. 9 - The third fall of the Lord Jesus. 13 - Lord Jesus is taken down from the cross. 14 - Jesus is placed in the tomb.

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Made of hand-painted terracotta. Classic depiction of the characters, details worked out in detail, colors are balanced and harmonious.
On the back of each plaque there is an impression: "Figures Factory of Artificial Stone J. Szpetkowski Poznań" The artificial stone is fired clay here, ie terracotta.

J. Szpetkowski, Poznań, terracotta, early 20th century

One plate dimensions: height 51 cm, width 39 cm, depth max 9 cm.

S.the behavior is visible in the photos, has defects and traces of repairs.