MARIA AT A NURSERY, JS Hartmann, 1933-1994

A sculpture depicting Mary at the manger looking after her Son. The figure has a simple form, which gives it all its charm.

JS Hartmann - artist duo: Suzanne Laurens (1904-2003) and Jacques Hartmann (1908-1994).


Dimensions: 40 x 27 x 27 cm.

Ref. JS Hartmann

Preservation condition: good, undamaged.

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1 500 zł tax incl.

JS Hartmann - a married couple of artists working together in the professional field. They both dealt with sculpture, and Jacques additionally restored Gothic sculptures. They met in 1931 in Paris and got married two years later. In 1933, they took part in a competition for the statue of Saint Bernadette Soubirous, which they won in the first stage. The duo created mainly religious works. Those signed by JS Hartmann were examples of the Sulpic style (sulpicien styles - from the Saint-Sulpice church in Paris) - this ambiguous term refers to all popular objects for private devotion, which were characterized by a fairly simple form.