+ LADY OF THE MANOR, Terracotta, China, Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD)

A statue of a lady of the court, made of painted terracotta "mingqi" from the Han dynasty. The classic form of the figure: a woman with hands joined, with a robe with wide sleeves and a wide base. It is covered with multi-colored polychrome.

China, Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD)/ span>

Height 43 cm, width 18 cm, depth. 12.5 cm

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6 900 zł tax incl.

Under the Han rule (206 BC-2020 AD), China went through four hundred fruitful and eventful years that are gradually discovered through the discoveries of the tombs, and whose population we get to know through the many unearthed mingqa products. These small statues represent court ladies, dancers and musicians - men and women standing with dignity in long dresses crossed over their chests, with wide sleeves covering their hands - next to horses, domestic animals, but also miniature architectural elements. These items were often buried in graves with the dead. At the beginning of the twentieth century, during the development of construction and railways in China, many such tombs were unearthed, and along with them, many ceramics from past eras were found.

888888; ">The condition shown in the photos is relatively good for its age, it was glued in the past in 1/3 of its height.

Origin: French collection, I have a certificate issued by an expert from Paris (attached to the subject).

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