MUSES ART DECO, E. Chimot, Maison Devambez, lithograph, 1920s

Art deco muses.

Paris, 1920s

Edouard Jules Chimot (1880-1959) - French artist, illustrator known especially for the publication of high-quality illustrated books. He created in the art deco style, introducing symbolist aesthetics into it. He willingly created images of women characterized by refined eroticism.


Dim. 31.5 x 24 cm. Dim. imprint: 20.5 x 15.5 cm.

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A sensual representation of two women. In order to preserve the aura of mystery, they are shown with their backs to the viewer, one is looking at him from over the shoulder, while the other, despite the turned face, has his eyes lowered. The women are almost naked, one is covered with a shawl and the other is holding a fan in a gloved hand.

Chimot's erotic works enjoyed great interest. The work has a Devambez watermark, which refers to the Maison Devambez publishing house, in which Chimot served as artistic director from 1923 to 1931.