MOTHER OF GOD WITH CHILDREN, oil on canvas, 17th century

Mother of God with Child.

Central Europe? (Czech?), Baroque, 17th century

Oil on canvas.

Dim. with frame: 98 x 66 cm. Dim. without frame: 84 x 50 cm.

Preservation condition: fairly good, minor paint defects present.

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9 000 zł tax incl.

Mother of God with the Child - a representation of the hodegetria type (Greek for pointing the way) Mary was shown in half-form, forntally. Her left arm is supporting Jesus, but what draws attention is her hand not resting on the body of her Son, but touching her garment. An interesting element is also a decorative brooch that fastens the Madonna's robe - most traditional images are devoid of such ornaments. Christ holds a book in one hand and lifts it with the other in a gesture of blessing. The figures are shown against a golden (secondary) background.