"LE COSTUME HISTORIQUE", A. Racinet, Firmin-Didot, Paris, 1876-1888

Le Costume Historique - The most important 19th-century publication on the history of clothing, the first in this field to use color lithography.

Auguste Racinet (1825-1893) - French costume designer, illustrator and painter.

Paris, Firmin-Didot & Co, 1876-1888

"Large" edition - Set of 20 notebooks with 500 lithographs (approx. 440 one-page and approx. 30 two-page)

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8 000 zł tax incl.

Very good condition, individual lithographs are slightly dirty.

Le Costume Historique -encyclopaedican overview of the development of European fashion, extended to include traditional clothes from other continents, as well as interior design methods appropriate for subsequent eras and the everyday objects, weapons and means of transport used at that time. The attractively visual form - the use of colored lithography - contributed to its incredible success. Racinet's work has been published and reprinted many times, and it is now possible to purchase a modern reprint.

le = "color: # 888888;">Albert Charles Auguste Racinet - Graduate École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs , lithograph and draftsman. In the years 1849-74 he participated in the exhibitions of the Paris Salon. However, he gained real recognition as an illustrator of the history of fashion and design. He was most successful in the Firmin-Didot publishing house, where in 1869-1888 he held the position of artistic director and engraver. It was Firmin-Didot who published two of his most important publications: Le Costume Historiqueand Lʹ Ornement polychrome exploring decorative motifs.