WARDROBE, mannerism, early 17th century

An impressive hall wardrobe.

Mannerism, beginning of the 17th century

The wardrobe is covered with hand-cut thick walnut veneer.

Height: 235 cm, max width: 215 cm, max depth: 72 cm. It is possible to disassemble the furniture.

Good condition, the furniture does not reveal any, even old traces of additions or repairs. It has not been repaired today. It has only a few minor deficiencies that need to be supplemented.

More details

28 000 zł tax incl.

The furniture rests on flattened, grooved legs. Bottom wreath with blind drawers decorated with geometric panels. The body has two wings, each of them decorated with panels framed with profiled slats. The pilasters and the buttress strip were decorated with spiral columns set on high plinths. The top wreath is closed with a simple cornice. The decoration was completed with woodcarving elements - on the axis of the columns there were winged heads, and on the axis of the wings, fruit compositions. The piece of furniture presents a composition typical of later baroque wardrobes, but the calmed down, more modest decoration, which does not obscure the structure, indicates an earlier era.