+ TABLE, Louis Majorelle (1859-1926), Art Nouveau, Nancy, circa 1900

Art Nouveau with two tops, inlaid with floral motifs, with four profiled legs. The legs are made of noble mahogany, the top is veneered with rosewood, inlaid with various types of fruit trees.

Louis Majorelle (1859-1926), secession, Nancy, ca. 1900. Ref. No. "L. Majorelle "

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Louis Majorelle - Son of the esteemed ebenist Auguste Majorelle, also a student of the most famous artist from École de Nancy - Émille Gallé. Under the influence of his master from the World Exhibition in 1894, his furniture gained organic and natural character, where fancy fittings, carved and inlay decorations were combined with the form of the furniture. He was called the Cressent of the Art Nouveau epoch, because he works with many features from eminent envoys of the Louis XV era: excellent quality, consistency of shape with decoration, virtuosity. Above all, Majorelle appreciated perfect proportions and elegant lines in furniture, as he himself said: (…) Whatever the function of the equipment, a craftsman should first of all imagine it without any decorations and make sure that the composition withstands this test. After the World Exhibition, where his furniture was recognized with great recognition, he won a worldwide clientele for his elegant furniture - functional works of art, also lamps, balustrades and other interior elements he designed. Louis Majorelle was famous for his great care for his products, and he always appeared in his workshop in Nancy in the morning, even before all the employees.

Height 80.5 cm, length 83 cm
, width 62.5 cm.

The condition is visible in the photos - good, locally slight undulations in inlay.