THEATER SCENE, M. Arnould, oil on canvas, 19th / 20th century

A picture showing a woman in an elegant dress standing at a column.

M. (Marcel?) Arnould

19th / 20th century

Oil on canvas.


Dimensions without frame: 60.5 x 40 cm; dimensions with frame: 76 x 55 cm.

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2 500 zł tax incl.

A stain of red is visible next to the lady, probably that is the color of the chair she just got up from. A set table and arcades appear in the distance. The figure of a woman is the most important, placed on the vertical axis of the painting and emphasized by the intense color of the outfit. The presented scene is theatrical, as if it were an illustration to the performance. The viewer may get the impression that the protagonist got up from her chair, leaned against a column and will immediately deliver a moving monologue.