SITTING AT THE TABLE, Ch. A. Edelmann, pastel, 1879 - 1950

Charles Auguste Edelmann (1879-1950) - French artist from Alsace. He created works on various topics and used various techniques. He gained fame as an illustrator of mainly the works of French writers. From 1909, he exhibited at Paris salons. After the First World War, works showing the city's modern inhabitants were appreciated. Valued in France and abroad.



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6 000 zł tax incl.

Dim. without frame: 49 x 39 cm; with frame: 58 x 48 cm.

Pensive woman sitting at the table. On the left side there is an open book, and on the right side there is a plant in full bloom. The woman does not seem to pay attention to both objects, instead, she directs her gaze somewhere in the distance. Neither literature nor a piece of domestic nature brings joy to the heroine. The picture becomes a statement about the sometimes overwhelming everyday life.