PORTRAIT OF A WOMAN, PN Fourcy, pastel, 1852

Portrait of a woman.

France, 1852


Signed PN Fourcy.

Dim. with frame: 80 x 64 cm. Dim. without frame: 65 x 49 cm.

Good condition.

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2 800 zł tax incl.

The portrait with its realism and attention to detail resembles the works of the Pre-Raphaelites. Dressed in a green-blue dress, trimmed with lace at the neckline, the lady was shown against a dark gray background. The lighter glow covering the left shoulder and head of the character seems to come from the portrayed itself, as if it were an emanation of her inner qualities. The hairstyle reveals a beautiful face, but the eyes are the most interesting. They have a special expression, a unique combination of melancholy and delicacy.