The Annunciation, oil on canvas, baroque, 17th century

The Annunciation of the Lord.

Baroque, 17th century

Oil on canvas.

Dim. without frame: 119 x 97 cm.

Dim. with frame: 130 x 109 cm.

The painting has been restored (photos show the image before and after treatments).

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18 000 zł tax incl.

A high-class work is an attributive challenge. One of the hypotheses is that the author of the painting makes Claude Callot (1603-1687) or his workshop possible. Claude Callot came from Nancy (France) and worked at the courts of Polish kings: Jan Kazimierz Waza, Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki and Jan Sobieski. At the end of the 1760s he came to Poland, and in the years 1678-1687 he ran a painting school in Wilanów. He made the decoration of the royal library. In Poland, he wrote mainly religious works.

style = "color: # 888888;">Archangel Gabriel appears to Mary and announces to her that she will bear the Son of God. Maria was shown at the kneeler while praying. The Archangel descends from heaven holding a white lily in his hand - a symbol of purity. The remaining part of the canvas is covered with clouds on which angels are depicted, and at the top edge of the painting, God the Father is shown sending doves of the Holy Spirit. Divine light shines down on Mary, which is emphasized by the work announced by Gabirel. A performance specific to the art of this period - the abundant setting of the Annunciation, apart from Mary and the Archangel, numerous putti, clouds and the figure of God the Father.