STILL LIFE WITH PIERROT, LA Martinage Grozi, oil on canvas, early XX century

Still life with a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums and a bronze statue of Pierrot in Łódź.

France, early XX century

Louis Alexandre Martinage (1879-?) With the signature Grozi, French painter.

Oil on canvas.

Dim. with frame: 109 x 89 cm.

Dim. without frame: 93 x 73 cm.

Good condition.

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Flowers of particular importance in the Far East were appreciated also in Europe, they were willingly painted by the French Impressionists. The vase in which the flowers are shown may also refer to Asian ceramics, mainly due to the cracks visible on the glazing. The motif typical for the turn of the century is pierrot, shown here on a boat. The artist applied an interesting trick: the furniture top with a high-gloss polish reflects the objects standing on it, and for Pierrot it "becomes" a surface of water on which his boat "floats".