PORTRAIT, A. de Bourgade, oil on canvas, art deco, 20-30s. XX century

Portrait of a woman shown in a home interior.

France, art deco, 20-30s. XX century

August Leduy de Bourgade.

Oil on canvas.

Signed de Bourgade.

Dim. with frame: 131 x 101 cm.

Dim. without frame: 120.5 x 90.5 cm.

Preservation condition: good.

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12 000 zł tax incl.

Portrait of a woman in the home interior. The image is kept in dark, subdued colors. The portrayed woman was shown exactly on the vertical axis of the painting, and the upper part of her body was additionally emphasized by the screen at the back. The expression of the protagonist's face makes the viewer reflect. The woman turns to the observer while her gaze seems to slide to the right. The portrayed is serious and gives the impression of being filled with melancholy.

e = "color: # 888888;">Augusta Leduy de Bourgade (1884-1969) - French artist who created portraits and landscapes. A student of Ferdinand Humbert at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. De Bourgade willingly exhibited her works in Parisian salons. From 1920, she belonged to the Association of French Artists. In 1931 she won a silver medal at an exhibition of that society.