Portret. 1835r. D. Lennon? Olej na płótnie. 113cm x 95cm

Portrait of a lady.

France, 1835

Denis Francois Hennon-Dubois (1791-?) - French painter, in 1818 he enrolled at the Paris School of Fine Arts. In the years 1835-1846 he exhibited his works, mainly portraits, at the Salon. Perhaps this portrait was also presented at the Salon.

Oil on canvas. Oak frame (clearly older than the picture).

Ref. D. Hennon, 1835

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13 000 zł tax incl.

Dim. 113 x 95 cm. Dim. without frame: 92 x 73 cm.

Preservation condition: fairly good, damage to the paint layer present.

The heroine is shown in a gray dress typical of the era, with a very elaborate shoulder line and impressive sleeves. The neckline of the creation is finished with a wonderful lace collar. The outfit is complemented by a large amount of jewelry - brooch at the collar, earrings, massive bracelets and rings. High, sophisticated hair upholstery also draws attention. The portrayed woman must have come from a well-to-do family. The image was rendered with soft brush strokes. It delights with the abundance of details and details, especially in the case of jewelry and lace. The background was left almost uniform, with a single red accent of the curtain, so as not to distract from the portrayed.