Gliwice. 1915r.Plakat malowany akwarelą, tuszem. Sygn. W Boning. 117cm x 76cm

Interesting object - a poster from World War I from Gliwice, which is a decorative frame for bread ration cards.

Gliwice, WW I, 1915

The poster is made with ink, pencil, watercolor, with gilded elements. Printed postcards.

Signed W. Boning.

Dim. 117 x 76 cm.

Preservation condition: time-tested, damage visible in the photos.

More details

5 000 zł tax incl.

The central field has been divided into two parts - cards are visible in the lower part, and inscriptions and heraldic decorations with symbols of the Habsburgs and the Second Reich are visible in the upper part. An important element of the composition is the trefoil, filled with the personification of the Habsburg Dynasty and the Second Reich standing on the globe accompanied by a crowned black eagle. The former coat of arms of Gliwice is visible below. The poster has a decorative border filled with Art Nouveau floral twigs.