Portrait of a young girl shown in a studied pose en trois quarts. Her face, turned towards the viewer, hides a great deal of maturity and peace.

France, 19th century


Dimensions with frame: 70cm x 56cm

Dimensions without frame: 40cm x 32cm

Conservation condition: visible in the photos/ span>

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3 800 zł tax incl.

Despite her young age, the portrayed girl was presented extremely seriously. From her restrained face emerge huge brown eyes with a confident and bold look.A careful hairstyle and subtle jewelry form a delicate frame for the porcelain face. Only Mr. about deeper contemplation of the work, you can see the almost invisible smile of the model.

The dress also reflects the harsh nature of the performance. The girl was presented in a straight line a dress enriched with blue applications. These include large buttons, a bow and trimmings inserted into the sleeves. The crowning achievement of such a sophisticated outfit is a white lace collar.

The whole was placed in a large decorative frame, enriched with floral ornaments. It is crowned with a heraldic cartouche with a branch of oak leaves - signifying bravery, and bay leaves - symbolizing victory. In addition, there is a label on the reverse of the frame, which testifies to the presence of the painting in the French art house at 39 Rue des Arts.