A portrait shot of a little girl screaming her discontent.

Her face wrinkles in a grimace of anger and disappointment. She is framed by unruly black locks of hair, contrasting with the wide white collar.

Small, transparent tears are oozing from under the tightly squeezed eyes. They flow down a small nose and plump cheeks, straight to the baby's outstretched mouth.

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The uniqueness of this work is not only the free presentation of complex human emotions, but also the perfect mastery of the color palette.

Luigi Moretti (1884-1950) - Italian painter, known primarily for the marinist views of Venice. His works have been repeatedly exhibited at world auctions.

Signature: Moretti

Italy, first half Twentieth century


Dimensions with frame: 65cm x 49cm

Dimensions without frame: 47cm x 31cm

Conservation condition: visible in the photos