Montse G. Brancolini

Monte G. Brancolini - Italian painter of the 20th century

The painting shows a beautiful woman resting in the comfort of her home.

The model is comfortably stretched on the sofa, supported by one arm on the pillow. Her relaxed position and gentle smile show a significant sense of relaxation.

It exudes calmness, but also self-confidence, emphasized by expressive makeup.

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The artist presented an incredible ability to construct space using a color palette. Moreover, the individualization of the model's face gives the captured scene authenticity, allowing the viewer to feel the pictured moment of relaxation.

Signature: Montse G. Brancolini

XX century


Dimensions with frame: 100cm x 81cm

Dimensions without frame: approx. 92 cm x 72 cm

Conservation condition: visible in the photos