J.B. Jessey, XX w.

Depiction of a naked woman by the water. A young girl was shown in half-length with her face turned towards the viewer.

She seems to be amused, but also surprised by the presence of the painter. Hence the presence of blushes that give it grace and vitality.

She is trying to cover her shapely body with white cloth, and the multicolored bouquet of wild flowers is to cover her shapely breasts.

Call No .: GB de Jessey.

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1 800 zł tax incl.

Guy Bazin de Jessey (1900-1984) - French painter, originally from the Normandy bourgeoisie. He spent his whole life in his beloved country, also marrying a native Parisian woman, Rose Marie Lecoq - Vallon. He mainly painted female characters, specializing in portraits and nudes. He took a liking to models with bright and flaming hair, illustrating the carefree youth of his age.

yle = "color: # 000000;">France, 20th century

Oil on canvas.

Dimensions with frame: 79.5cm x 64.5cm

Dimensions without frame: 61cm x 46cm

Conservation condition: visible in the photos.