LICHTARZ, Fraget, plater, 1896-1915

A candlestick with a baluster shape, based on a square base. A simple, classicist decoration is based on a repeated motif of an acanthus leaf.

Fraget, Warsaw, approx. 1896-1915


Punctured: in the oval 2 hammers and a compass, in the oval FRAGET N PLAQUE, double-headed eagle, No. 3364.

Dim. 13 x 13 x 35 cm

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450 zł tax incl.

Fraget (Józef Fraget) - a Warsaw factory of clad products founded in 1824. It is valued for the high quality of its products and their decorativeness. At its peak, it had stores in Poland and abroad. She performed private orders for the rulers of Persia, Romania and Serbia. It operated until 1939.