OVAL PATERA, Norblin, Warsaw, 19th / 20th century

A plate dish with an elliptical base, decorated with a wide floral collar. It rests on a low and wide foot.

There are two handles on its shorter arches, the form of which continues with a leafy setting. The bottom is also decorated with floral-meandering ornaments spreading from the center of the picture field to its edges.

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750 zł tax incl.

Norblin factory

Signature: "N" inscribed in the rhombus, and also "Galw: Norblin & Co Warszawa"

Warsaw, 19th / 20th century


Dimensions: 41cm x 27cm x 8cm

The state of preservation is visible in the photos.

The bronze factory "Norblin i Spółka" was established in 1820 at ul. Długa in Warsaw. Table decorations and cooking utensils were made there. With time, it was moved to Krakowskie Przedmieście, and finally to ul. Chłodna Street, next to which a shop with bronze, silver and silver products was opened.

In the 1860s, Ludwik Norblin established a limited partnershipa horse with his brother-in-law Teodor Werner, the owner of a Warsaw paint for silver products. On the other hand, in the 1880s, he bought the Plates factory of the Buch Brothers with the exclusive use of their production.

In 1886, he decided to move his entire enterprise to ul. Żelazna, giving it the name "Factory of plated products of the merged companies Norblin and Spółka - Bracia Buch". After II voivSociety of Metal Factories, established by him, was nationalized, operating under the name of Walcowania Metali "Warszawa".