Hand-embroidered screen. 19th century

The screen consists of four movable wings connected by hinges. The wing frames are made of walnut wood. N Then it was filled with hand-embroidered fabric depicting mythological characters.

Europe in the 19th century

Dimensions when unfolded: 182 cm H x 196 cm W

More details

4 800 zł tax incl.

The wooden frames of the wings at the base are enriched with a concave four-sided panel, the extension of which is a hand-embroidered fabric. The edges of the top are decorated with delicate auricle ornaments accompanied by a small marine flora.

The decorative fabric presents full-figure shots of the heroes of Greek mythology against the background of an individualized landscape. Each shot was inscribed with a ribbon and pincer ornament crowned with a pair of festoons. Both from the bottom and the top, mythological representations are preceded by a single head of a man in an analogous ribbon and pincer ornament crowned with an abundant roccail.

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