+ BODHISATTWA, China, Qing Dynasty, 17th / 18th century

China, Qing Dynasty, 17th / 18th century

Height 54 cm, width 34 cm, depth. 23 cm.

The condition is visible in the photos. A fragment of the little finger of the right hand and a part of a decorative diadem are missing. The sculpture has cracks and other signs of age.

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An impressive Bodhisattva sculpture made of polychrome wood. Sophisticated details give it lightness and charm. Bodhisattva, or a figure bringing people wisdom and compassion, sits in the lotus position. On the right hand, the joined fingers of the thumb and middle finger symbolize teaching (gesture of Vitark Mudra), and the shape they form together - the circle symbolizes the constant flow of energy, perfection where there is no end or beginning. The left hand is placed in the punishment position known as a gesture to deter evil powers.

r: # 888888; ">In the words of the Buddha from the Sutras of the Ten Noble Bhumi:
"Gentle and without arrogance, free from falsehood and hypocrisy, and full of love for all sentient beings - This is the bodhisattva."