AT THE SOURCE, G. Pugi, alabaster, 1850-1915

A sculptural representation of a young naked woman, perhaps a nymph, who has sat down by a small fountain. The girl looks down curiously. The figure refers to the neoclassical images from the late nineteenth century created by Lawrence Alma-Tadema and John William Godward.

Gugliemo Pugi (probably 1850-1915), Italy.


Ref. Pugs.

Dim. 55 x 24 x 20 cm.

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5 200 zł tax incl.

Good condition, repaired: fingers of the right hand, big toes.

Guglielmo Pugi - Italian sculptor, born in Fiesole. He spent most of his life in Florence, where he made sculptures mainly for foreign markets, and his sculptures were even at exhibitions in New York in 1901 and at the World Exhibition in Saint-Louis in 1904.