PALACE VASE, alabaster, 19th century

A vase of exceptional beauty and size on a pedestal - with a total height of 178 cm - a similar one stands in the Palace of Versailles.

Made in the 19th century.

The whole thing is an alabaster sculpture.

There is a bas-relief on the belly of the pitcher with a face surrounded by acanthus leaves, dragons and birds by the drinker, the spout is shaped like an eagle's head, the handle is a full-plastic dragon with a phoenix tail.

The dimensions of the vase itself: 123 x 48 x 33 cm.

More details

17 000 zł tax incl.

The dimensions of the plinth: height 55 cm, depth 33 cm, width 33 cm.

Due to its dimensions and weight, the vase consists of 4 elements.

The vase has been repaired in many places, still has visible damage.