Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (1827-1875).

La Rieuse Napolitane (Neapolitan Funny Sq.).

The girl is dressed in Neapolitan folk costume, with a flat hat, traditionally worn in the Sabine Mountains in the 19th century. Moreover, it is distinguished by an elaborate hairstyle with two small buns on either side of the face. The beautiful features of the girl's face together with a ruffled blouse and a pearl necklace create a beautiful image.

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8 000 zł tax incl.

France, 2nd half 19th century

A bust made of alabaster/ span>

Height 50 cm, width 29 cm, depth 29 cm.

Signed: JB. Carpeaux.

The model for La Rieuse was Anna Foucart, the daughter of an artist friend, a lawyer from Valenciennes.

Carpeaux presented La Rieuse in marble at the Salon of 1867 and decided to combine it with a male bust of Le Rieur Napolitain. The couple became a symbol of Carpeaux's creativity and became his most famous models.

Jean - Baptiste Carpeaux (1827 - 1875) - French sculptor who became one of the most respected artists of the era. He made many decorative sculptural groups, but the bas-relief made him famousle = "font-family: 'andale mono', times;">Dance (1868). In 1865, Charles Garnier he ordered from Carpeaux for the Opera Garnier building he was building iein Paris, one of the four sculptures decorating the facade; the artist composed his work as a picture independent of the wall, moving from a semi-plastic relief to a full-plastic sculpture.

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