+RELIEF ZE SCENĄ Z ŻYCIA BUDDY, kamień, Gandhara, I-V w. n.e.

Gandhara (today's Pakistan and Afghanistan), 4th century AD

Length 29 cm, height 18 cm, height with a stand 21 cm.

The state of preservation is visible in the photos.

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A relief made of stone (schist) presents a scene from the life of Buddha Shakyamuni. The Buddha and other figures are depicted in long robes with carved draperies, and the composition resembles Hellenistic friezes from Greek and Roman temples. The Buddha is sitting on a plinth in the lotus position, and all the other figures are facing him, hands in prayer. The sculptor showed the figures in a relatively naturalistic way, although their form today is somewhat obliterated by time (stone erosion).

style = "color: # 888888;">The art of the area of ancient Gandhara is often called Greek-Buddhist art, because the inhabitants of Gandhara drew heavily from Greek art, and the oldest known Buddha images from this area, dating back to the 1st century AD, are often compared to Greek statues of Apollo. From the 4th century BC, i.e. the time of the conquests of Alexander the Great, Greek settlers founded cities in this area, which resulted in an intensive cultural and material exchange of the inhabitants of this region with the Greek and Roman worlds lasting for several centuries. A

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