A unique representation of the Mother of God with the Child.

The woman was shown as a young, beautiful woman with delicate facial features. Standing behind the baby, she spreads her arms over him.

This clearly parental gesture emerges from the lavish, elegant garments with which it has been adorned. Also, a tilted head with a sincere smile does not take away its majesty and royalty.

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Christ is presented above all as a human son looking sideways with curiosity. Were it not for the company of Madonna and the adornment in the same intricately decorated robes, he could be considered an ordinary child.

The uniqueness of this performance is not only a skillful presentation of the tender maternal care, while maintaining such a formal approach. It is also a rare combination of wood, paper and drapery used for sacred representations of the 18th century .

In addition, it is a unique copy of the Black Madonna - the image of Mary with Child, with a dark or black shade of skin. see: https: //

around 1750

Wood, paper, hand-embroidered fabric

Dimensions: 64cm x 40cm x 25cm

Preservation condition: visible in the photos; fabric damaged in some places due to age