HUNTING INCIDENT, DH Chiparus, bronze, art deco, 20-30s XX c.

A hunting accident - a sculpture depicting a young girl in antiquity dress, dressing the paw of a dog that accompanied hunting.

France, art deco, 20-30s. XX century

Demetre H. Chiparus.

Patinated bronze, marble base.

Dim. 62 x 28 x 35.5 cm.

Good condition.

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28 000 zł tax incl.

Demetre Haralamb Chiparus (1886-1947) - Romanian, one of the most important sculptors of the Art Deco period. He studied in Italy and France. He connected his professional career with Paris. The works of Chiparus were inspired by dance, especially Russian ballet and archaeological discoveries in Egypt. The artist often used a technique known from antiquity - chryselefantine - combining metal castings with carved ivory. Also in the style of sculptures there is a reference to classical Greek, idealized figures. Chiparus' interests were not limited to the human figure, he visited a zoo where he sketched animals. During WWII, Chiparus's work was forgotten, but in the 1970s it began to be successful again, which continues to this day.