+DIANA NA POLOWANIU, Henri Louis Levasseur (1853-1934), Francja, 2 poł. XIX w.

The sculpture shows Diana hunting. Diana - the Roman goddess of nature, hunting and fertility, was presented in a victorious pose, holding a bow in one hand. Dressed in a charming robe, she was shown as a graceful goddess. The French sculptor made the work with the greatest attention to detail and Diana's clothing was made in the style of "wet robes" straight from classical Greek sculpture. A

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3 000 zł tax incl.

Cast bronze, hand carved, polished and patinated.

Academism, France, 2nd half XIX century. Syg. "H. Levasseur ”and“ Diane Chasserese, Par Levasseur, 1re Médaille D'Or Au Salon, Hors-Concours ”.

Henri Louis Levasseur (1853 Paris - 1934 Paris) - studied sculpture with Augustin-Alexandre Dumont, Jules Thomas and Eugène Delaplanche. He exhibited his works made in the spirit of academism as well as secession at the Paris Salon. He made small-scale works in marble and bronze, as well as monumental monuments, for example, a bust of his authorship is in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris.

"color: # 888888;">Height: 43 cm.

The condition is visible in the photos, very good, slight abrasions to the patina.

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