DIANA NA SKALE, L. Signoret-Ledieu

Full-length depiction of Diana sitting on a rock. With one hand he feeds the sea creature, with the other he supports his hunting attributes.

Both the bow and the quiver with arrows are located just above the surface of the turbulent water. It is from there that the creature emerges, tempted by the flower held in the goddess's hand.

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The raised shoulder of the girl sensually reveals a shapely breast, additionally exposed transparent drapery. The sculpture was presented in 1889 at the Paris Salon. Even then, the artist was talked about with delight, comparing her sculpting skills to Donatello himself.

Lucie Signoret - Ledieu (1858-1904) - French sculptor and student of Gautherin. She exhibited her works many times at the Paris Salon, enjoying universal recognition. She is the author of the Joan of Arc monument in Saint Pierre le Moû tier.

Signature: Mme Signoret Ledieu; Paris AB

France, 1889

Patinated bronze/ span>

Dimensions: 62 cm x 22 cm; base diameter: 20.5cm

Preservation condition: very good.