CHILD IN AN APRON, Thomas Myrtek, bronze, early Twentieth century

Full-length representation of a child in a long apron. Viewed from the front, it descends a stone ridge.

The semicircular collar is lined with an airy flounce, and the excess cloth gathered at the back balances the steep slope.

Despite the raw, simplified matter, the artist managed to bring out the lightness of the child's image.

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Signature: T. Myrtek

Thomas Myrtek (1888-1935) - German sculptor born in Bytom. He studied in Wrocław, at the Royal School of Arts and Craftsmanship. He was one of the founders of the German "Grupa 22". In 1934, he received the Prussian State Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, enabling him to go to Rome. He specialized in municipal mining sculpture. His works can be found in Bytom, Opole and Gliwice.

le = "color: # 000000;">Bronze.

Dimensions: 27cm x 8cm x 12cm

Preservation condition: left hand missing/ span>