TABLE, E. Galle, beech wood and others, France, Nancy, Art Nouveau, 1885-1895.

An inlaid table.

France, Nancy, 1885-1895

Emile Galle (1849-1904) - a French designer who mainly created glass works, furniture designs and jewelry in the Art Nouveau style. Initiator and main representative of the Nancy school. Its furniture is characterized by lightness and a delicate decoration with floral motifs.

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Beech, birch, walnut and other wood.

Veneer-burned mark, typical of the early period of activity.

Dim. 74 x 67 x 39.5 cm.

Condition: one of the legs is broken.

A table supported by cheek legs, with an additional table top halfway up. The tops are rectangular in shape and decorated with an inlay depicting various types of flowers. Additionally, a butterfly appears on the main table. The legs are made of bent wood, the shape resembles a lyre.