CARD TABLE, Art Nouveau, Émile GALLÉ, Nancy, circa 1900

É mile GALLÉ (1846 - 1904) - a French designer who mainly created glass works, furniture designs and jewelry in the Art Nouveau style. Initiator and main representative of the Nancy school. Its furniture is characterized by lightness and a delicate decoration with floral motifs. He used carving, marquetry and marquetry to decorate his furniture. [Wikipedia].

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6 500 zł tax incl.

The table is foldable - it was used for playing cards.

The top is decorated with an inlay made of various types of wood.

Signed: GALLE.

Height 75/77 cm, width 45/90 cm, depth 50 cm.

The table needs renovation. As shown in the pictures. We have repaired the top deck.