+ VASE WITH VINE, Émile GALLÉ (1846-1904), Nancy, early XX century

Laminated glass, etched, ground, polished.

Nancy, Émile Gallé Manufacture, early 20th century. Mark with an asterisk next to the name, used ca. 1904.

Height 41 cm.

Info: http://www.galleartglass.com/galle-vase-marks/galle-mark-with-star-beside-g-2/

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The vase is made of laminated glass using the etching technique. The theme of the composition are grapevines, one of the most popular plants in France, the flora of which the artist drew his inspiration from. The branches of the vines somewhat resemble Japanese stylized floral ornaments. Gallé did not hide his inspiration from the art of the country of the blooming cherry trees, on the contrary, he signed some of his works with the annotation "alla Japonica".

le = "color: # 888888;">Émile Gallé Manufacture was famous for the highest quality furniture and glass products. Gallé loved walks in the wild forests, he also had his own little botanical garden, and he hung a sign over the door of his studio: "Our roots are deep in the forest - on the banks of streams and among the moss."