+ Vase with dahlias, Le Verre Francais, Chares Schneider, art deco, France, 1920s

Laminated glass, etched, ground, polished/ span>

Height: 41.7 cm.

Signal "Le Verre Francais" - Chares Schneider, art deco, France, 1920s

The condition is visible in the photos, good. Base damaged and partially reconstructed from resin.

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A laminated glass vase decorated with a stylized dahlia motif. The flower pattern surrounding the vase is rhythmic, and the leaves take a somewhat decorative and geometric form, which is characteristic of the early art deco style.
Le Verre Francais (1918-1932) - a brand of artistic glass products by the Schneider brothers - Ernest and Charls, the first of which was a manager and the second a product designer. Until 1912, the brothers gained experience in the famous factory of the Daum family, and in 1913 they opened their own artistic glassworks. They gained fame and recognition thanks to the high quality of their products and the modern style of their works, which, however, alluded to the heritage of the masters of the previous generation, for example through their love of representations of the diversity of the world of flora and fauna.

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/ Vase, Le Verre Francais, Chares Schneider, art deco, France, circa 1925 /.