BHAVACAKRA, copper sheet, Nepal / North India / Tibet, 19th / 20th century

Bhavacakra - a symbolic representation of the wheel of life, the wheel of becoming. Visualization of Buddha's teaching. Mandatory element of the temple equipment.

Nepal / North India / Tibet, 19th / 20th century

Copper sheet, repoussé.

Dim. 35 x 28 cm.

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Bhavacakra has a specific structure and symbolism:

The first layer (middle) - the pig, the rooster and the snake represent the three poisons (ignorance, attachment and aversion).

Second layer - This relates to karma, meaning the deliberate action that brings the result.

Third layer - represents the six realms, kingdoms of rebirth and existence (Samsara)

The fourth layer - represents the twelve links of Dependent Origination (Pratityasamutpada)

The figure holding the wheel symbolizes impermanence and is referred to as Mara (a demon tempting the Buddha) or Yama (the ruler of hell).

The figure of the Buddha is to point the way to liberation.