WEIGHING, L. Toffoli, lithography, 1907-1999.

Louis Toffoil (1907-1999) - an artist born in Italy, who connected his later professional life with France. Initially, he worked in his hometown of Trieste, creating constructivist paintings, which attracted the attention of fascists. Fear for my own safety made her move to France. Toffoil continued his career in Paris, where he regularly exhibited his works.

"color: # 888888;">Lithography.

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Dim. with frame: 83 x 63.5 cm. Dim. without frame: 59 x 44 cm.


Graphics showing a woman sitting with weight. The work has a surprising form, characteristic of this artist. The figures depicted without faces seem transparent, filled with light, and not with the real body. Many times objects are broken, shown simultaneously in several views. The colors of the work are not without significance, mainly based on different shades of blue. The artist draws from the achievements of impressionism, post-impressionism, cubism and other trends of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The paintings created by him reflect the works of his predecessors and present a completely new quality.