ZATROSKANA, F. Sanzel, bronze, 2nd half 19th century

A sculpture of a standing, almost naked woman, covering only a corner of her robe. The woman turns her head to the side and brings her hand to her face. Such a gesture takes on an ambivalent expression in the face of a woman's clothes. It can be read as a symptom of worry or embarrassment. Regardless of his interpretations, the figure shows the beauty and sensuality of the female body.

Felix Sanzel, 2nd half of the 19th century 19th century


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2 800 zł tax incl.

Height 32.5 cm. Wed base: 8.5 cm.

Signed: F. Sanzel.

Good condition.

Felix Sanzel (1829-1893) - French sculptor, associated with Paris throughout his life. His studio was located at 16 rue de Chalons. From 1849, he began exhibiting at the Salon. In the 1860s, his works were added to the salon jury. Performs public procurement, the work "L'Amour Captif" from 1868 is located in the Paris Botanical Garden.