NEOMANIERISTIC PATTERN - gift to Rabbi Jahen, bronze, 1880

A unique plate with an extremely elaborate decoration. Given as a gift from the Jewish youth of Algeria to the Chief Rabbi Abraham Jahen in 1880.

Bronze, before 1880

Inscription: "Souvenir offert par la jeunesse Israélite Algérienne à son Grand Rabbin Abraham Jahen"

Height 28.5 cm, dia. 33.5 cm.

Very good condition.

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4 800 zł tax incl.

An extensive iconographic program refers to noble human qualities, it also draws attention to the passing time.

Among the numerous performances, the following can be distinguished:
CeThe main scene is probably an allegory: Athena introducing Painting to the group of Arts. Extremely detailed, multi-layered relief.

At the bottom of the bowl, among the elaborate ornamental composition, the allegory of Dignity, Respect and Immortality can be found.

Nodus adorns Time, Day and Night.

Based on Work, Experience and Diligence.