+WAZON Z PTAKIEM, Japonia, era Meiji (1868-1912).

A monumental vase with a bird (robin?) Hunting a fly. The animal sits on a branch that has an amazingly beautiful flower (lily?). This subject matter in Japanese art is called Kachō-ga, meaning pictures of birds and flowers, and was extremely popular in the Edo and Meiji era. The scene was shown in a very realistic and expressive way. A

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6 900 zł tax incl.

Cast bronze, hand carved, polished and patinated.

Japan, Meiji era (1868-1912), Maruki Company, Seisui artist.

The marks read: ま る き 製 Maruki-sei (made) 晴 水 Seisui (the artisan's name).

Height: 49 cm.

The condition is visible in the photos, good, no damage, but there are scratches and abrasions to the patina.



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